Organic, Non-GMO produce coming soon!

Arbason Tomato

Damsel Tomato

Ozark Beauty Strawberries

California Wonder 

Sweet Pepper

Golden California Wonder

Sweet Pepper


Sweet Pepper

Dark Green Zucchini

Success PM Straightneck

Summer Squash

Saber Cucumber

Kentucky Wonder

Green Beans

Half Runner 

Green Beans

Blue Lake

Green Beans

Mesclun Mix

Lettuce & Mustard Greens Blend

DMR Salad Blend

Greens including oak, romaine, lollo, and red and green leaf types

Ironman Kale Mix

Great to enjoy raw or added to juices, smoothies, and stir-fries


Mini Romaine

Pomegranate Crunch

Mini Red Romaine


Classic Iceberg