Attention Customers: 

To be in compliance with the State of Ohio's Safety restrictions due to COVID-19 we will currently be operating with Drive-Thru service approach ONLY until further notice. Upon arrival please call (614)615-8124 and remain in your vehicle at all times we will assist you as soon as possible. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers in a safe manner during these times. Thank you for your understanding, we will be back in full operation soon!

A little About Blueview Bait Company!

Blueview Bait Company is a local family owned and operated full service bait shop and pond management company that started from a hope and a dream of sharing our love for the outdoors with others. We first opened in the Spring of 2018 and have been growing ever since! We offer everything from live bait to pond design, installation, maintenance, and management. We also offer onsite bait services for public and private fishing tournaments/derby's. Please visit our contact page to speak with us about any questions you may have! 

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